Dear Parents,

We are planning to participate in an education program on bird banding station conservation.


Date: Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Time: Around 9:10 – 11:50

Place: West Kirk Park

Location: 26139-26143 Clear Lake Rd., Junction City




Activity: Wild songbirds banding demo and bird watching

Host: Northwest Oregon District Bureau of Land Management


Transportation: Car

*We need your help with driving the students to and from West Kirk Park. Your teacher will contact you with details if you agree to offer rides.


Please fill out the permission form and give it back to your teacherby Thursday, July 12, 2018.


Monday, July 2   Summer School starts. (9:00-12:00 Mon.-Thu.)

Wednesday, July 4 – Thursday, July 5    No Summer School. (Independence Day Holidays)

Thursday, August 2    Summer School ends.


Volunteering at NextStep

July 3, 12, 26, and August 2

Field Trip

July 19    West Kirk Park

Participation in an education program on bird banding station conservation


We are planning to explore the campus of Lane Community College.


Date: Monday, June 11, 2018

Time: Around 10:15 – 12:30

Place: Lane Community College

Location: 4000 E. 30thAve., Eugene



Activity: Scavenger hunt in small groups.


Transportation: LTD bus 81



Please fill out the form down below and give it back to Akikoby Friday, June 8, 2018.


Three students are finishing the Bridgeway House school program this year.  We will have a celebration of completion as follows:

Date) Thursday, June 14th

Time) 10:00 A.M.

Place) Room 9, Bridgeway House

Guests) Families of the students who are finishing, Room 9 students and staff, Office Staff.



Good Luck to the future of the students who have spent their precious time with us and shown so much growth and maturity!

Wednesday, June 6th, Thursday, June 7th, Tuesday, & June 12th)

Volunteering at NextStep or Eugene Downtown Library.      Shopping and Cooking.

Monday, June 11th)                 Scavenger Hunt @ Lane Community College

Wednesday, June 13th)          1:00 Year End Pot Luck

Thursday, June 14th)                Last Day – noon.